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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the desk. san mateo police said they are looking for a man who robbed a mother and her children at gunpoint, here is more on the person they are looking for. >> reporter: yes, it happened here on hum boat avenue. this is a school on one side, residential on the other. this mother was walking down the street with her 13-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son when a man walked up, showed them a gun and demanded property. fortunately they are not hurt but they are searching for the gunman. let me tell you what we know, he is a white latino male, with a stocky build. police tell us they had a
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handgun and they don't want anything to concern them. >> it is concerning for a mother to be approached by a gunman when she is walking with two children. we have officers coming up on leads right now. >> back out here on indian avenue, again a mother and her children were not hurt, they gave the suspect what he wanted and they took off. but certainly police are looking for the public's health asking everyone to stay on alert as they try to track this gunman down. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. also this morning, police are looking for a man who globed two women in palo alto. one woman was grabbed in the sanford shopping center and another woman was grabbed 9 days earlier near hamilton avenue. here are the police sketches from each case. one victim describes him as east indian about 30 years old
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but police believe the same man committed both crimes. a warning to anybody who shops on craigslist. robbers are using this to find victims. this week a couple looking to buy a car was lured to the bus station and robbed of thousands of dollars in cash and other valuables. there has been a spike in craigslist valuables. >> if the several wants an all cash deal... >> they are using abate and switch deal to lull them into a false sense of security. first they set up in a nice neighborhood and then they switch to aside street which is more isolated.
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district directors have a 7.8 million dollars grant. will allow them to open in brentwood. they will also be restoring 15 firefighting jobs plus 12 more. and the republican national convention wraps up in florida with mitt romney's acceptance speech. paul ryan fired up the delegate last night and he says he has what it takes to turn the country around and he repeatedly attacked obama's policies. >> it comes to so thousand dollars in rules, fees and fines that have no place in a free country. >> it focussed on free country and condolezza rice and john
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mccain said he needs mitt romney to regain its leadership place in the world. >> our coverage starts at 7:00 p.m., and the oakland raiders will air our on sister station, tv 36. time now 4:33, away area tech leader is apologizing to the mitt romney campaign and the shocking comments that cost him his job. if you take the dumbarton bridge, starting tomorrow night the bridge will be shut down and the closure will allow seismic expansion joints and they will be shutting down at 10:00 tomorrow night and traffic is expected to reopen at 5:00 tuesday morning. now if you do need to cross the bay, take a look, here are the major routes, you can either head north to the san mateo bridge or take the truck around the bay on highway 237.
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>> time now, 234, we will be here monday morning to help people get to the labor day weekend barbecues. >> there is always somebody here to do this kind of work and we are letting you know traffic is moving a long nicely, if you are driving around eastbound you can go between ash burn and university and one of the lanes are closed. it is early and so far it is not causing a huge traffic jam, bay bridge is light, no problems getting into the bay city. contra costa, no problems, let's go to mark. boy, it really warmed up
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yesterday, you might notice some changes we have some fog developing offshore, with a cooling trend it kicks in especially for sunday. it is cool out there, look at the coolest locations for santa rosa, napa, although 2 he -- 62 degrees and you can see a regrouping now, it will be hugging the coast line and maybe a few patches sneaking into the bay, our microclimate is good, you can see it, upper 80s, coast side, we will reach the 90-degree mark. and low-to-mid 50s, partly sunny skies skies, around the
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bay mostly clear skies, averaging 4 to 8 degrees from yesterday's highs and still closer to 90 degrees this afternoon. san francisco 68, fairfield 89, antioch right around 90 degrees. and with your weekend alls in view and we will warmup those numbers and if you can't update on what is now drop cool storm eek zack. the latest position about 55 miles to the southeast of andrea alexander. isaac continues to drip much the gulf -- drench the coast, fast rising waters kept some
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people off guard. elizabeth joins us with more on what is happening now, elizabeth? >> well, the worst is over for folks. there are very low lying homes which are basically submerged in water. louisiana, plaquemines parish is one of the hardest areas hit. the storm dumped several inches causing severe flooding. they were is toed to rescue dozens of people by boat after they became stranded. >> private citizens and others, at least 35 people have been rescued. >> others have been called in for st. bernard parish. they were asked to wait despite evacuation orders. >> we lost everything like a lot of people. >> in 2004 here leans it had less of 'impact than expected.
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the biggest problem was downed power lines, scattered tree limbs... >> the 11 billion they spent strep thenning the levees was spent wisely. >> people are looking for refreshments despite rain. >> they had power in the quarter pause they had all the electrical lines underneath the ground so that is really smart. >> and coast guard oh special will look into how they faired and they will look into who getting that barge traffic up and running and hopefully get the economy back up and running. >> thank you soap. we have an update coming up from the hurricane center in 20 mention 5:00 our time.
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-- 20 minutes. 5:00 our time. obama's surprising appearance which led to an appearance. good morning, traffic is moving well on southbound 101 is in san rafael, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. well gas and electric is back on after a natural compass leak. yesterday evening a construction crew hit the gas line while working on lincoln avenue. people nearby were told to stay inside with the windows and
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doors shut and pg&e shut off the leaking pipe and repaired it a few hours later. for the first time we are learning of a pg&e settlement after the san bruno explosion. documents show pg&e paid 2. $5 million to a teen who sufficiented serious burns. the web page has been taken down from the san mateo site following that accidental posting. california will conduct a test run on the cap and trade run. now it is about 150 companies, it emits large amounts of greenhouse gases and they will participate in that. if they reduce emissions, they can sell or trade pollution credits that he can seed -- exceed the limits. president barack obama is back at the white house after a
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2 day campaign swing appealing to younger voters. they spoke to charlotte shill virginia and he told students they can determine the outcome of the november election. >> go out there, register, stand up and if you do, we will win virginia and if we win virginia, we will win this election. >> the president also made a surprise appearance online. he took part in a live chat, ask me anything series. at first, people doubted it was really him so they posted this photo, then there were so many questions, they crashed for a period of time. and they fired the washington bureau chief and started the national republican convention. then they were heard on a microphone saying the gop
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candidate was quote, happy to have a party with black people drowning. it was part of a convention taking place as hurricane isaac was taking place in louisiana. they apologized to mitt romney. and now a news producer found the gun and alerted the secret service. the agent was pulled off the plane was it landed. she had to explain to her sses we have some news about a deadly officer involved shooting and they have now determined the officers was justified in using lethal force. the officer shot and killed derek gains. he had been reaching for a nearby begun when the officer
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fired. it was later determined it did not have a firing pin and could not shoot. the officers could not have known that. it plays teens around various jobs and also pays their paychecks. derek works at brown temple church. he said the job has kept him out of trouble and taught him a life lesson. >> just stick with the right crew, that is going the wrong way. >> the grants from the county last two years and organizers say there are a lot of teens who use jobs even at no cost, it's still hard to get them to participate. >> linked in, it is expanding in to sunny veil. they are leasing space on a campus that has not even been built yet. and they are right near matilda
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do -- matilda do avenue. 20 workers are expected to occupy the campus and it is about two years from now. the area is still blocked off this morning. up to 800,000 gallons of water spilled on to streets near the cal palace. they dugout the 42-inch pipe that ruptured. it could take up to two weeks for damage that is caused by the flooding. >> and you can't get it out? >> yeah the the water pressure buckled the pavement. 6 inches.
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and an automatic pothole in san jose, problem is an automatic repairs will be made this week. and we turn now to sal castaneda, hey, sal. traffic is moving around well at the bay area. we have 80 westbound and not a bad commute, as a matter of fact it looks good. if you are driving to the toll plaza, it continues to look good as well. south bay 101, 285, we really don't have a lot going on and if you are trying to make your way to the bay area, it is a nice drive. basically over the last few hours it has been doing its thing near parts of the
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shoreline and the rest of the bay area is clear and as far as current updated numbers, it is clear. they are checking in at 50 degrees and high pressure begins to relax and we are up 4 degrees from yesterday's highs. we have some more cooling and we pout them out as we head into friday and they are pairly -- barely making it into the $80 he is spent lynn sunday in. >> monday. low 60s for the peeps so you can't see sop of the
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numbers. morgan hill 9 degrees and oakland matches out, san jose 82 and milpitas 62 degrees and partly cloudy skies, temperatures are in the 50s. tell talk especially by sunday and monday will be average. and they uncovered some things at the restaurant which does not add up. and what wrong with the driver, why parents say he should not have been behind the wheel.
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. the controversial practicing was uncovered after noticing it didn't quite add up. it rounded it to the nearest nickle and they started the practice to keep lines moving faster. tomorrow there is a
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deadline and one bill of high interest will require people to pay nannies, care givers, meals and rest breaks. it will also require them to be compensated if their eight hours is not covered by a rest break. and it makes party bus operators legally responsible for unage drinking. it would require passengers younger than 21 do not drink. the bill was prompted by the death of a burlingame teen who was drinking and died after crashing his car while driving home. time now 554, some say the 100-year-old driver who hit several kids, he ran into 9 kids and two adults near a school yesterday.
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four children are seriously injured, they are in stable condition. but he thinks he accidentally hit the gas instead of the breaks, he claims his breaks failed. >> well you hit a lot of kids. >> well, you know i'm sorry about that, i won do that for nothing on earth. >> carter will be 101 years old. he has a current license and no traffic vie violations. -- violations. his daughter says he will not be driving anymore. >> it is coming up closer to 5:00. >> we are off to a nice start, people on the road are used to having good traffic and we showed you some road work that was there and now it is gone, all the lanes are clear and
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traffic looks good. traffic at the toll plaza looks good and we are looking at the commute on the peninsular. redwood city council, that traffic looks very nice, san mateo also at the speed limit. >> it is knocking on the door right now, regrouping and reporting mostly clear skies, some cool 50 degrees, right now in the lower 60s out towards livermore and san jose. and move inginto southern california, it could approach late this afternoon into the evening hours. but the key, everybody cools off and here is a breakdown, for today mostly clear skies, upper 40s to mid-50s and this
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afternoon, low temperature range, forecast highs 68, brentwood right around 92, and morgan hill in the upper 80s right around 89. >> here is your weekend always in view and you will notice temperatures dropping off for friday and also by sunday and there is extra cloud cover and we could be tracking a few extra clouds, having a slight chance of a shower, still weighing out and it is something we are watching for monday. we will have the latest from the hurricane advisory and we will have more coming up on the show. it is still causing huge problems in other parts of the
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gulf coast and we will take you there live. the new concerns as passenger traffic claims to an all time high. ?????b??? ???c??@?????c:ow
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